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Creativity and I have a long history together. My mother’s answer, whenever I asked her perceptions of me as a teen and a child, was only that I was always very creative. Being from a family who earned a living as teachers (mother and stepfather), business owners/administrators (father, grandfather and grandmother), and engineer (grandfather) I wasn’t fully aware of people in the role of “Craftsperson” or “Artist” even though they were there in my uncle’s carpentry, my grandmother’s sewing and my father’s music. It simply wasn’t on my radar. As identity and occupation, it kind of snuck up on me. Creative expression was always there in my life: as words in creative writing, in dressing, dancing and singing, in building a family, designing and building a home, in thinking and problem solving and in imagining life and all manner of ways to live it to the fullest. I never thought of myself as a crafter or an artist or even a writer although I did some writing and editing in a small magazine. It was not until most of my kids were grown and this disconcerting space opened up in my life that I was pulled into the orbit of a full-time creative lifestyle like a moon compelled by the inevitable forces of gravity. I must say the process was messy and painful. It was full of denial and confusion and so broad that even the umbrella of ‘studio’ does not contain it all. Currently, I write, create online spaces and publish or build community. I design and make quilts. I make jewelry. I journal. I watercolor. I decorate spaces. I design and host events. I teach crafting. I have sewn clothing, done flower arranging, designed and set up terrariums and aquariums and practiced Zen Tangle art in the recent past. I have plans to learn art quilting, collage, acrylic painting, how to teach creative writing and how to host special types of retreats. Most of all I want to educate people and promote creativity’s powerful healing potential for everyone. So, I am all in this creative life, not as a dabbler but as a full timer and if you are reading this, I hope to connect with you in some way through shared creativity or shared learning and healing associated with creativity. That is a short sweet version of how I came to be known as Aqua Moon Studio.

Learning about your journey and how creativity has affected you or someone close to you would be an honor. Thanks for visiting my page! Like and follow me on social media, join my mailing list or send me an email at tiffini@aquamoonstudio.com!

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